Jesus For President?

13876112_1275860749114813_3324922387622109000_nThis Fall we are launching a Wednesday night Bible Study at our church entitled “Jesus for President”.  Our staff even produced a really eye-catching billboard to promote this concept. Many have asked, “what does this mean?” Here is an article that will publish this week in our local paper to explain.

The Democratic and Republican National conventions have recently concluded and they have both put forth the problems and their solutions for our country. Regardless of your political persuasion we must all agree the problems we face as a nation are bigger than any one candidate or political party can solve. Although I strongly believe in Christians being engaged in our political process I do not believe that the full answer for the problems we are currently encountering in our nation lie in politics. Let me encourage you to pray for our nation, our leaders, our candidates and vote based on who will do the most God-defined good for this nation. There are no perfect candidates, there are no perfect parties and the best they both will do is short of the need that we have in this country.

So what is this “Jesus for President”? The Direct answer is, it is a BIBLE STUDY that we will be doing on Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM beginning August 31 and running to November 16. During this time we will be taking the Top Ten Political issues of this year’s campaign and simply asking “what does the Bible say about this issue and what does Jesus want me to do to fix it?” It will be a Bible Study on issues such as Immigration, Economics, National Security, Social Issues and more. We believe the Bible is true and speaks relevantly to these issues today.

Believe it or not this article is not a back-handed solicitation for the community to come to EastLake. Although you are certainly welcome, on a typical Wednesday night we already are full and overflowing. What this is, is a challenge for every one of us who believes in God to look to the Word of God for answers and then to live out those solutions every day.

As you well know, Jesus is not actually on the United States for President ballot this Fall. (Oh How I wish he were) But what we may have forgotten is that he is on the ballot in a more consequential election every single day. He is on the ballot of our hearts, our minds and our behaviors. I believe that if more of us would choose to follow and obey his plan for our lives this country would be so much better off. The words of Jesus heard and obeyed in the lives of a million citizens will do more good in one day than a single candidate who spends a billion dollars to get elected can do in 4 years.

The beautiful thing about Jesus he not only gives us the path to walk but through his grace he gives us the supernatural ability to walk in obedience to his commands. What we need in this nation is not an external cure but an internal healing of every heart that is full of self-centeredness, lust, deceit, anger, hatred, rage and wickedness. This only Jesus can do. There are not enough laws or law enforcers for a nation whose people’s hearts are turned against what is right and true. We need God to do what he promised he would do in Ezekial 36“I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes.”

Elections matter and do have consequences. I will be active and vote, but as we enter into the final leg of this presidential campaign, as we make phone calls, put up yard signs and knock on doors may we never expect a bombastic billionaire nor a perennial power-hungry politician to solve this nations greatest problem, Only Jesus can do that!

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