Another Creative Journey 

 One thing is for sure, EastLake has never been accused of being stuck in the rut of ministry.   The first Sunday of May brings another new adventure. THE CHAPEL at EastLake is officially underway.

As we have been talking about THE CHAPEL over the past few months many have asked, What is THE CHAPEL? Well let me answer that by simply saying THE CHAPEL is 5 things:

  1. THE CHAPEL is a Creative new venue for worship. Specifically THE CHAPEL is roughly a 4000 square foot, 175 seat newly renovated worship space that is next door to our main building. In space formerly occupied by a myriad of shops and merchants it is now a beautiful, flexible space for ministry. It is a video venue meaning the preaching will be live simulcast into it from our regular 11 AM service. It will have it’s own site Pastor (Pastor Nathan) and it’s own worship team (led by Pastor Dan Coy).
  1. THE CHAPEL is a tangible commitment to reach new people. Spending money and renovating space is a way to tangibly put our passion for evangelism to the test.  It is often easier in a new environment like this for the un-churched to find their place in the family of God.
  1. THE CHAPEL is an efficient way to expand our facilities. THE CHAPEL effectively adds 175 seats to our current worship facility. For pennies on the dollar we have expanded our facility.
  1. THE CHAPEL is a way to raise up new leaders. When we expand like this we are making a place where people can learn and develop leadership skills. If we never expand there is little room for new pastors to be raised up, new musicians, new ministry leaders to assume roles that will define their future. By launching THE CHAPEL we are raising up a new group of dynamic spiritual leaders.
  1. THE CHAPEL is a reflection of our spiritual DNA. Our planting church, Parkway House of Prayer, instilled this creativity in our DNA by being willing to plant a new church at SML in 2006. In a similar way we are stepping out of our comfort zone to expand the Gospel.

I covet your prayers as we launch out into this new endeavor.   I personally can’t wait to see all that God is going to do through yet another creative adventure at EastLake!

All for Jesus


About Pastor Troy Keaton

Founding pastor at EastLake Community Church at Smith Mountain Lake Virginia. View all posts by Pastor Troy Keaton

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