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Daily Devotional – Prayer and Fasting

(For our time of Prayer and Fasting we have published a 21 day devotional to encourage people’s faith, This story is taken from day 2)

God hears our cries.

It was a simple Sunday morning.  A guest piano player was filling in that day.  The small church had only been in existence a few months and there was a modest crowd for the 8:30 service. 

The guest pianist had left her infant daughter in the nursery for the services.  As she was playing the pre-service music the cries of her baby made their way across the hall and into the sanctuary. As the beginning of the service neared the cries grew more intense until the mother was visibly concerned about her child.  The sanctuary quieted for the beginning of the service and now everyone was aware that something was wrong with the baby.  As the pastor stood to begin the service, the mother disappeared down the hall.

The pastor stood and said, “bring the baby to the front of the church”.  The mother carried the screaming infant down the center aisle to where the pastor was standing.  All the people gathered around.


It wasn’t a loud or poetic prayer.  But at the very moment of the mention of Jesus name the baby instantly went from a full-throated scream to soft silence.    By the time “amen” was spoken the child was fully at peace.  Now the crowd was crying. God had heard the prayers of his children.  (EastLake 2006)

Psalms 3:4 I cried aloud to the LORD, and he answered me from his holy hill.