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In Defense of Marriage

You need to read this entire article, it will probably surprise you what I am going to say.

Marriage is a hot topic in American politics and culture.  For the past several years we have been on a fast-track to re-define the meaning and nature of marriage in our culture,  More particularly, same-sex marriage.  It is a hotly debated and divisive issue.  It seems that there is a shift in thinking.  It appears that the momentum now belongs to the view that same sex marriage should be welcomed and celebrated.  Just this past weekend a Supreme Court justice performed a same-sex wedding which was a first for a member of the high court.   All the while there are those more conservative individuals and politicians who are feverishly working to preserve traditional marriage as a protected institution in America.

As I have often spoken and written in this column I oppose re-defining marriage as anything other than between one man and one woman.  My views on this are well documented, unchanged and I believe well-founded.  However, this is not my purpose for writing this article. 

I have a problem that hits even closer to home.  Recently as I have watched our country move closer and closer to full acceptance on this issue I have been pondered how we got into this challenge in the first place. Issues of this magnitude do not change over night or even over a decade.  What bothers me is that we are where we are in America today in part at least because of the failure of people who hold conservative opinions and strongly defend traditional marriage.  

I struggle with the conservative hypocrisy on this issue. You see long before we ever struggled with “gay marriages” we accepted “bad marriages”.  The defense of marriage rings hollow when it comes from a politician who is unfaithful to his own wife.  The words crying out in support of traditional marriage are un-convincing when spoken by those who aren’t even defending their own marriage. 

When we abandoned the biblical model of faithfulness, service and unconditional love for our spouses we began the dismantling of the traditional marriage institution in America. 

Today the greatest threat to traditional marriage doesn’t come from a party or president in Washington or even from the Supreme Court.    Traditional marriage’s greatest threat today comes from a million households where mom and dad are not taking care of business.  Sadly, so many of these are professing Christians and even more professed conservatives on the issue of marriage.  It is in these environments of dysfunction where even greater dysfunction is created. 

As I have often worried and prayed about the course of this country on this issue, I am encouraged to realize that I have the power to make a difference.  I can choose today to “love my wife as Christ loves the church”.  I can choose today to be honest and authentic with my children and lead them in the right way.  You and I can choose today to defend our own marriages and in doing so we may well make the greatest cultural contribution in defense of marriage.