Proverbs Condensed


Recently I preached a series on Proverbs.  The last Sunday I condensed the book of Proverbs.  Some have asked for it, here tis.  

Chapter 1

Wisdom from Solomon, my son embrace wisdom and avoid evil people.  Wisdom says, listen to me to avoid suffering, listen to me and you will be safe.

Chapter 2

Seek hard after wisdom and you will find God, he will guide and protect you and keep you from awful sin and heartache. 

Chapter 3

There is tremendous blessing to those who follow the will of God.  Wisdom in any area of your life produces blessing in that area. 

Chapter 4

Whatever you seek or pursue, whatever you obtain above all get wisdom!

Son, Hold tightly to my instruction and avoid evil at all cost. 

Chapter 5

My Son, listen to what I say about the dangers of immorality.  Don’t be deceived by forbidden women.  Her feet will lead you to death.

Rejoice only in your own wife!

Chapter 6

Avoid co-signing a loan for someone else, Avoid debt.  Work hard and if you need an illustration look at the ant it will teach you how not to be lazy.

Chapter 7

I have seen many men be destroyed by an adulterous affair.  The promised pleasure of those affairs are not worth it.  Do not let your eyes or heart be caught by this.

Chapter 8

I wisdom am more valuable than silver, gold or jewels nothing compares to me.  I was before the creation of the world, I watched the foundation of the world be laid. Listen to me, for whoever finds me finds life. 

Chapter 9

Be careful trying to counsel a fool, but give instruction to a wise man. 

Fearing and knowing God and reverencing his views and opinions of life is the first step in becoming wise. 

Chapter 10

Righteousness produces life and happiness, evil produces pain. Don’t be lazy or you will go hungry,

The way of the Lord is destruction to those who do evil, but protection for the righteous.

Chapter 11

God hates false measurements.  There is safety when we get good advice from multiple people and safety when we remain steady in right living.  Evil will never go unpunished.

Chapter 12

A good wife is her husband’s greatest blessing and a wise man listens to advice. 

Our words will get us into trouble if they are not true, but truthful lips endure forever.

Chapter 13

The righteous will endure the wicked will be extinguished.  Poverty and destruction come to the one who does not listen to advice.

The sinners wealth is laid up for the righteous.

If we don’t discipline our children we show our disdain for them.

Chapter 14

Working is much better than talking… Treat the poor well,   Being generous to the poor is the same as making a loan to God.

Chapter 15

One soft answer ends an argument. 

Always remember the eyes of the Lord see all good and evil, the wicked way and even their thoughts are an abomination to God and he is far from them. 

Chapter 16

Live right before God and you will have less relational issues.  Walk humbly and you will be kept from falling.  Not every path we think is right is.

Chapter 17

God tests our hearts as gold is tested in the fire.

When we cover another’s faults we show them love but sharing faults divides people. 

It is nearly impossible to separate a fool from his folly.

Chapter 18

If you have a wife you are blessed by God, there is no friend like Jesus!

Chapter 19

Some people are your friends because of your money, some are not your friend for your lack of money.  Both of these are a disgrace.

Chapter 20

Don’t be deceived by the danger and destructive nature of alcohol. 

Chapter 21

God controls the hearts of Kings. 

The surest way to remain poor is to love pleasure more than work.

Chapter 22

Your good name is better than a good bank account.  Fear the Lord and you will have plenty.   Be diligent in your work and it will take you to the top.

 Chapter 23

Who is it that has lots of trouble?  Those who drink too much alcohol.   The end of it bites like a serpent. 

 Chapter 24

Don’t envy evil people.  For they are devising trouble and their glory doesn’t last.  Wisdom is how you will prosper. 

It’s the subtle temptation and bent to laziness that causes your business to go under. 

 Chapter 25

Don’t wear out your welcome at another’s house, If your enemy needs something give them whatever they need, you will heap coals of fire on him and be honored by God

 Chapter 26

People who don’t listen to wisdom are fools and they will fail, suffer, are untrustworthy,  deserve no honor and keep returning to their folly.

 Chapter 27

Don’t brag about tomorrow,  neither brag about yourself.  Let others praise you.  As iron sharpens iron so good strong relationships sharpen people. 

 Chapter 28

Wicked people live with fear and a guilty conscience.  Obeying God’s law opens up the ears of God to our prayers. 

If we confess and forsake our sins we will receive mercy from the Lord.

 Chapter 29

Don’t leave your kids to raise themselves or make their own decisions about things they have no knowledge.  If we don’t seek and get a word from God we will perish. 

 Chapter 30 Proverbs of Agur

Every one of God’s words are true!  

 Chapter 31

Proverbs of Lemuel

An excellent wife is extremely valuable! She is industrious and speaks wisdom and when her kids grow up they call her blessed.  Beauty and charm will soon be gone but a godly women will receive praise forever. 

The unauthorized, condensed version of Proverbs.  Pastor Troy D. Keaton 2013 

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