Tebow’s Sin (A pastor’s non-theological assessment of Tim Tebow’s football career)

I’m sure you’ve heard, Tim Tebow signed with the New England Patriots this morning.  Many thought his NFL career was over.  (It might be, reports are that he has a 2 year contract with no guaranteed money.)

He at least has a new set of gear with an NFL logo on it.  He will get a jersey, a number and even a chance to play again in the NFL, this time with the storied Patriots.

Some thought he was done.  Many more wish he would be.  There is immense dislike for Tim Tebow in the sports world.

Tebow has had a huge media image and has drawn criticism and disgust from just about every area of our culture.  Entertainers such as Bill Maher, Hulk Hogan and Saturday Night Live have all expressed dislike for the Christian QB from Florida.

Certainly the media has shown their dislike for him.  ESPN analyst Merril Hoge went on a rant about Tim Tebow last year, saying that he’s “as phony as a three-dollar bill” and that the New York Jets didn’t realize “how bad Tim Tebow was” when they traded for him.

Mike Garafalo wrote this week in USA Today “Tebow brought his baggage to the Jets last year and, he was nothing more than a distraction”

This morning Clark Judge of cbssports.com wrote in response to New England’s new player, “Belichick’s recent history of roster moves is … well, let’s just say it’s checkered, and that’s being kind.” His article concluded, “And what it says is: Buyer, beware.”

While constantly hearing this even in Tebow’s days of success,  one is forced to ask, what is Tim Tebow’s sin?  What is it that makes him such an awful addition to a football team?  Why is he so sneered at by the media?

Here are the facts from those who’ve seen him up close and personal.  He is an extremely hard worker.  He is a man of character.  He comes early and stays late.  He has never cussed out a coach.  He has never tried to show up his team-mates.  He doesn’t speak ill of those who do of him.  He is a very positive influence in the locker room.  He is an incredible athlete.  And yet for all of that most of the sports world’s elite want him to go away.  There is even a FACEBOOK page titled, “God, Please make Tim Tebow go away and never come back”

Why? What is Tebow’s sin?  The NFL regularly has players arrested for drugs, DUI, domestic violence and violent crimes.  Many of which suffer menial consequences from the league and even less from the media.

Donte Stallworth KILLED someone and was only suspended from the NFL for a year, Ray Lewis was an accessory to murder and Randy Moss ran over a traffic cop with his car.

From 1989 -2009 there were 1078 arrests, 102 drug traffickers,  32 wife beaters and    ___ murders (they didn’t have this statistic) amongst NFL players.

We don’t have room to list all the bad attitudes, bad teammates, out of control egos and terrible parents that litter NFL sidelines every weekend.    Very few of these have ever been as demonized as Tebow.

So what it is Tebow’s Sin?  I think he has committed at least two.

The first sin Tebow committed was by having poor football mechanics.   In spite of winning when he has played, he throws the ball with an awkward non-traditional mechanic.  In spite of his wins this is a legit gripe against him.

Tebow’s second sin is even greater than the first,  it is that he has fewer sins than others.  Yep, that’s right he’s too nice, he’s too good, he prays, he talks about Jesus and his faith, he helps sick children and he gives lots of money to orphanages overseas.  This is more than the cynical, sinful world can stand.  He can’t be this good!

So the circus now moves to Boston.  Let’s see if the sinner repents.




About Pastor Troy Keaton

Founding pastor at EastLake Community Church at Smith Mountain Lake Virginia. View all posts by Pastor Troy Keaton

4 responses to “Tebow’s Sin (A pastor’s non-theological assessment of Tim Tebow’s football career)

  • Sam

    The world finds it hard to believe that anyone can love Jesus “that much” … even Christians are skeptical… 1/2 expecting him to compromise, 1/2 hoping he won’t!

  • Steven

    Great job on this post, pastor! I agree that people misunderstand Tebow & want him to fail. My hope is that he’ll win the Super Bowl as a starting QB someday for two reasons: 1. So that the so called experts can recant their predictions of failure. 2. So that God will be glorified by Tebow once again but this time on the biggest stage in sports!

  • Mary

    This reverse psychology (playing devil’s advocate) of the “World” also happens in the work place. If you don’t get involved in the drama your doomed…..considered indifferent.

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