Proverbs, Ten Commandments for our speech


Ten Commandments for our words.

  1. Think before you speak. 15:18
  2. Refrain from speaking too frequently, too quickly, or with too many words.  17:27-28, 28:20 
  3. Speak honestly. 4:24
  4. Never use your words to divide people.  16:28
  5. Listen more than we speak and listen fully before we answer.  18:13
  6. Speak appropriately for the occasion. 25:11
  7. Do not speak boastfully.  25:14, 27:2
  8. Diffuse anger with soft words.  15:1
  9. Speak good things into your life and the lives of others it has an eternal effect.  18:21
  10. Understand the power of your words.  18:4

 From a sermon May 19, 2013 The Power of our Words

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