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Ten Commandments for the church sound crew

I found this, this past week while looking through some old files related to the planting of our church. Thought I would throw up on my blog.


I. Thou shalt not be late for service.

II. Thou shalt not allow a speaker to speak without their mic on.

III. Thou shalt not abruptly cut off a soundtrack before fading it out or before it stops.

IV. Thou shalt not leave numerous mic’s on when they are not being used. Use the mute, not the slide.

V. Thou shalt not run the podium or lapel mic through the monitor system.

VI. Honor the singer and speaker and watch them while they sing or speak lest they need mic or monitor adjustment, That thy days shall be long in the booth.

VII. Thou shalt not squeal.

VIII. Thou shalt not be rigid, but be flexible. If there is a sound problem fix it someway somehow.

IX. Remember the mix and keep it level. No one should be blasting another…

X. Thou shall not covet….. another church’s sound system…