Post Election Pastoring?

We as pastors are called on to care for the family of God.  In times of loss, sickness, death we are there to comfort and help.  In times of joy we are there to marry, baptize and christen.  We are called to share the gospel with the lost and train the disciple to fully follow God.  A pastor’s responsibility is diverse and filled with great opportunity.

Following the election on Tuesday night I have been called into several situations. 

Here are a few things that I have dealt with.  

I have received the following questions; “why does it seem evil is prevailing?” “why did I get angry at God about the outcome?”  “why are Christians, who don’t like the way I voted, so mean?” “Pastor, how do you feel?”

In times like these we are called upon to answer questions, mitigate fear and settle relational disputes. 

Here are 5 suggestions for “Post Election Pastoring”

1. Stand strong and firm in simply pointing people to Jesus.   This should always be our simple message, pre and post election.  If you wavered on this in the pre-election run up, lets get back to doing what we are called to do.  

2.  Share the optimism of the Gospel not the pessimism of the culture. I John 5:4a “For whatever is born of God overcomes the world.”

3.  Exemplify grace and love in relationships with those with whom you disagree.  There is no better teacher than simply leading by example.  Pray for the opposing party, candidate and for the country in a way that exalts God and is in their best interest.  (Not “Lord please kill them now”)

4.  Talk about something else.  Hopefully our churches were relevant enough to speak to the current cultural issues surrounding the elections. It’s over.  Move on!  May I suggest that you not IMPULSIVELY make your next sermon series about prophecy.  (of course you must do so if the Lord leads. Duh)

5.  Love and re-affirm your love for God and people.  Pastoring is summed up in simply two key responsibilities.  We must be individuals who love God and love people.  Let’s do that more passionately than ever before.  As people watch our love for God and feel our love for themselves they will be strengthened and encouraged and motivated to do the same. (which would solve most of the problems we are left to deal with after a bitter election cycle)

In what ways have you been given opportunities to minister as a direct result of the election? 

About Pastor Troy Keaton

Founding pastor at EastLake Community Church at Smith Mountain Lake Virginia. View all posts by Pastor Troy Keaton

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