I’m Voting for Romney, here’s why. (short version)

For those of you who know me the title of this post doesn’t surprise you.  However, on the eve of this election I thought I would share a few reasons why.  So here’s the short version.

One prefacing note.  

THE MORMON ISSUE – Let’s get this straight, I do not believe Mormonism is orthodox Christianity, I also realize that I am not voting for pastor but president.  Come to think of it, there are few (can’t think of any) presidents in American history I would want to be my pastor.  

1.  I’m voting for Romney because I’m voting against Obama. –   The president and the democratic party is the most liberal and radical of any president or party in American history.   I don’t think we can stand 4 more years.  

2.  I’m voting for Romney because I love babies and the traditional family. Obama has made a the expansion and promotion of abortion and same-sex marriage a major part of his campaign.

3.  I’m voting for Romney because I believe in religious freedom.  I don’t believe the government should be able to force religious institutions to violate their belief’s.  Obama does.  

4.  I’m voting for Romney because I believe parents ought to be able to decide where and how their kids are educated.  Teacher unions own the democratic party and are fighting hard everyday to keep the control of children’s education with the state not the parents.  

5.  I’m voting for Romney because I believe in capitalism and free enterprise.  I fundamentally don’t believe our president does.  

I don’t believe the ultimate answer lies with any one person or party.  There are plenty of things about the Republicans and Mitt Romney that I don’t agree with but I do believe he is a good and decent man and the Republican party’s stance on the above issues are closer to mine than the Democrat’s.  Therefore, tomorrow morning I will cast my vote for Mitt Romney for President and Paul Ryan for Vice President.  

Anyone else dare to declare?


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