3 Reasons I think Romney will win on Nov. 6

3 Reasons I think Romney will win

1. The Debates

Because the caricature the Democrats had painted of Romney was so heinous and distorted there has never been a debate where one candidate won so overwhelmingly. Surely this was due to Romney and Obama’s performance or lack of, yet the debates have for sure debunked the straw man Obama had built. One debate a week for the past three weeks has proven to be a huge benefit to Romney.

2. Obama keeps talking about abortion

Perhaps he is so radical he can’t help but talk about abortion, one thing is for sure, this is evidence he is not convinced that he has his base securely “in the fold”. Political wisdom says he should be appealing to bigger and broader issues at this stage of the campaign. While this may be intended to motivate his base, Obama continuously talking about contraceptives, planned parenthood and abortion is definitely motivating Romney’s base.

3. Obama’s waning momentum

There have been 4 presidents in the last 50 years who have won re-election. Each of these, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Bush (W) won by greater measure in both the percentage of vote and the electoral college the second time. This year every swing state is a state Obama won in 2008. Furthermore, everyone concedes that he is likely to lose several states that he won in 2008 (NC, IN, FL, and others) meanwhile it does not appear Romney will lose any McCain states. All of this is a major problem of waning momentum for Obama, something that has haunted every one-term president.

My three thoughts, What do you think?

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4 responses to “3 Reasons I think Romney will win on Nov. 6

  • Jeff

    Another reason: The surge in 2010 is likely to continue, given that the work begun in that election has not been completed, and causes for the surge remain: Redistribution vs Taxed Enough Already, Bail-outs vs Jobs, Tyranny vs Liberty, Abortion vs Life, Redefine Marriage vs Defend Marriage, Golf Games vs Security Briefs, Blaming Others vs Taking Responsibility, Fiat vs Constitution…

  • vjw

    I do not remember Obama mentioning abortion at all last night and I personally think it is a bad thing to do or have done but it still comes down to MY CHOICE!! Not yours. Will you be here and help me raise this child in sickness and health mine and the baby’s!!! Shall we do like Russia who can’t afford to have kids so abortion is the only choice. Should we go back to the day when coat hangers etc. were used??? You should stay out of my bedroom and it always comes down to Me and God… God knows I would not have and abortion. If my 12 yr. old granddaughter is raped and is pregnant does she need to have that baby?? Let women and Doctors choose what is best for them. And we all say AMEN!!

    • Pastor Troy Keaton

      Thanks for the comment.
      This blog was posted before the debate. Obama was in Va in the past week with president of planned parenthood promising to protect abortion. Yes, he is still campaigning on abortion everyday.

      Yes we will help with the mother and children we have a great organization that does just that.

      Do you think a rapist should receive the death penalty? I guess not. Why should we give the baby the death penalty? After all it is a human being. These are tough issues but is a life and deayh is not a good defense, ever.

      Remember christ is King no matter who wins!

      In Christian Love

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