Oops, I’m Christian!

I was told a sad/humorous story by my niece, Valerie this week.  She works in a local pharmacy and was helping a customer through the drive thru window.  Needing to re-enter some customer information she left the window for a couple minutes.  She had advised the customer to “pull around if another car appeared in line”.

Well another car with a gentleman did come but the lady did not move.  The gentleman became impatient and upset.  So much so that he got out of his car, pushed on the car in front of him and then pushed open the drive thru window and hollered.  His actions were juvenile and humorous (although a bit frightful for those present).  What he said was sad.  He yelled, “Does anybody work here, I’m in a hurry,  I am going to a church meeting!”

What was even more sad was the fact that everyone else in the pharmacy knew his name and what church he attended.

Surely, our actions outside of the church have a dramatic effect on the world.  Jesus was serious when he said,  “let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is in Heaven.”

Wherever we go we are to reflect the image of Christ to the world.  Lord, help me!

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Founding pastor at EastLake Community Church at Smith Mountain Lake Virginia. View all posts by Pastor Troy Keaton

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